‘Nature and man live in harmony on this enchanting island, a hundred kilometres south of Adelaide. Discover a tale of three women who struggle to preserve the natural balance of the island…’

“We don’t live on Kangaroo Island by chance, but out of passion”… Our team went to meet three women who make the natural preservation of the island their daily life.

Melanie S. chose the profession of ranger in order to protect the animals of this land from extinction, particularly those of the coasts which shelter sea lions and penguins, among other rare species.

Jacqui W. and her team of volunteers plant hundreds of trees every year in deforested areas.

While Katie W. protects with her initiative the fragile natural balance of the island with its exceptional fauna and flora.

Helped by these passionate women, the east of Kangaroo Island, totally spared by the fires that hit the west of the island, still offers exceptional natural wealth, among turquoise ocean and vineyards, meadows and eucalyptus forests, where kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and koalas live.

On the Seal Bay Reserve beach, the stars of the beach are the sea lions. One of Australia’s most important colonies is located there, just a few dozen metres away.

This paradise of nature can be discovered in two or three days. Accessed by ferry from Cape Jervis (45 minutes) or by plane from Adelaide (30 minutes).